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    BR McCaffrey Associates LLC provides strategic, analytic, and advocacy consulting services to businesses, non-profits, governments, and international organizations. We also work with clients to generate investment or non-profit funding. Our purpose is to get specified results for clients who want action.

    General McCaffrey was decorated in combat with two awards of the Distinguished Service Cross (the Nation’s second highest award for valor), twice awarded the Silver Star for extraordinary valor, and received three awards of the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat.  In 2010 he was recognized as a Distinguished Graduate of West Point.  In 2007 he was inducted into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

    On a retainer basis, McCaffrey Associates provides strategic planning support to client CEOs, Board Chairmen, and senior corporate leadership. We will help build linkages between government and private sector clients; design public relations, media, advertising and legislative strategies; and provide client specific analysis of U.S. and international political and economic issues. McCaffrey Associates will also undertake on a success fee basis to shape client business and investment partnerships.

    BR McCaffrey Associates LLC will not engage in activities that would require us to register as an agent of any foreign government. Our operating guidelines will be based on absolute business integrity and fairness. We will provide clients with value enhancing consultation, protect their proprietary information, ensure no conflict of interest, and aggressively support their business objectives.